Monday, March 20, 2017

Blog 5

The society on this article describes the perspective of oppression. It describes the life of sacrifice. Which means that it sacrifices one's happiness in order others get happiness. For example, oppression is when you're held down. Like the child in this article. Which he was held in a basement. Which I know others will highly think is cruel and it is. He or she is stuck in a basement with no windows. For this child it's been imbecile through fear, neglect, and malnutrition. And the door of the basement is always closed. But it s afraid of the mops that come in and beat him up and make him stand up. The child represents how others take advantage of others for their own pleasure. Unfortunately this kid was an example of of that. The people who walk away are the people that oppress the child. I see parallels between  society and our own because our society we don't oppress people that bad like this article.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Blog 4

We should value the importance of social justice in our society. The most important part of social justice is that we have many privileges, and even opportunities in our system. The issues we have to today is how we distribute money in the 21st century, as our president today he makes the wrong decisions. Which our minimum wage isn't making people survive , these jobs are worthless. He says he gonna have more jobs for us, if they don't even pay well. It's not even worth it. Social justice is, justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society. Even though I I've told you what this means. This is the importance of social justice of our community. Some examples of social justice are child labor, racism, education, shelter/housing, bullying, corruption, religious discrimination, medicine, disabled people and poverty. This is a cruel world. But people don't know about this because it’s not often all this happen. Also ableism, sexism, terrorism, child abuse, education rights, and healthcare are social inequalities. But often sometimes ensured that individuals both fulfilled their societal roles and received what was their due from society.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Blog 3

This TED TALK is about the longest study of happiness of people that some went to Harvard University. This study is questioning about what makes us healthy and happy. Well Robert Waldinger says, that he has asked many people and they all said their goal was to be rich, and the teenagers said that they wanted to be become famous. He claims that you don’t have to look forward to that dream cause when they all got older they all got different future and that they chose at that time. In this video he has three life. This was tested for now there are 75 year old to 90 of age people that were tested since a long time since the world war 2. They even later interview there families. And even ask their families if they want to be in this study with the people who were in it already. They kept track of the people and they all graduated and became lawyers. But someone joined the army , they followed a career they were in expert in. Or they worked in factories. They even included their families which someone were part of the project. Or sadly others past away, or lost track of. Because they stopped funding this project but someone cases survived because they believed people should’ve known what this case was studied for happiness. That was his TED TALK about the study of Happiness.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Blog 2

In this blog I'm going to talk about Dan Gilbert's TED TALK, about " The Surprising Science of Happiness" which is talking about what is the difference of natural synthetic and natural happiness. But the human brain is has prefrontal lobe and impact bias. The prefrontal lobe allows the human beings to practice simulations. The impact bias is when you have the tendency for the simulator to work badly and different outcomes. Our brain is a big part of pursuit happiness and not the heart. He tell how happiness doesn't demand what you want. Also, why people misjudge the pleasure they'll gain or lose from future events. Even, how your "psychological immune system" ensures your contentment. He argues that we are miserable if we don’t get what we want. He thinks that if we pursue that we want and fail that your happiness wasn’t to fulfill anyways. Our brain doesn’t know that if happiness will come in your way. But he thinks that you’ll get happiness when you at least expect it. His summary towards his TED TALK was that often what makes us happy are sometimes wrong. His thought toward this so to stop following it, you can wait to see what the future will give you. My thoughts towards this that he’s wrong but that’s his claim. He even has the evidence to prove his point. But mostly people believe in their goals will be reached. Even his claim is reasonable we all think he has a point. His idea of talking in the TED TALK is that he has reasonable data, and evidence and reasoning.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


What make me happy is visiting family, and celebrating a special events every year. I chose this because I have great memories of having fun with all my cousin's, uncle's, aunt's, grandparents, and my family. And there what I care about the most out of the whole world. What is happiness? Happiness is an expression that shows when someone is having fun doing a hobby or particularly having fun visiting family or celebrating a special event. Something that makes you smile every time you think about that moment. It's such an important concept because in order to live life you need happiness. You need happy memories in order to prove that you've enjoyed every minute of your life. So in order when your last days of life you would remember those beautiful memories. The secret of getting happiness is to seek new adventures, go out with your friends, spend more time with your family, and even travel or try something new. The secret is to live life like if it was your last day. So many people are unhappy because they stay all day at there homes playing video games or be on their phone all day long. I mean i get that you're bored but it doesn't mean to just be lazy and stay in bed. You have to distract yourself to have fun and make yourself feel like you're  free from anything. You be stress free when you have little bit of fun. Unhappy people don't even try to change their life or don't even try to be happy. They should try something new.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Blog 10

Grit is when you're passionate about dream. For example grit is when you want to accomplish something in life that you want to conquer. Like I have grit for being a photographer because I feel you could describe many things about  life. So people could see the life out of the pictures. Being a photographer is wonderful because you could travel and see beautiful places, people, and there culture.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Blog 9

I have self-control when it comes to my class work, and life issues. Self-control is when you can stop yourself from getting into doing the wrong things. I for instance do have self-control because I think before doing. Others do it and don't think about the consequences. But I do, that's why I am a leader. Which is having leadership. Not to many people have self-control, or don't have the same control as us. They usually act upon the situation and after they're done with what they have to do, they will get in a situation that they won't get outta of or in a complicated situation. We need self-control or as self-discipline in our life because we need it for to succeed in life because in order to have a good job. You must’ve gone to a good school and a good grades. Even a clean record to get a in a good college. Self-control will help you in these types of situations. To get in  the types of situations where you have to make good decisions in order to get rewarded for what you deserve. Even though it’s time for people to start to have self-control , there still people who don't care. We should spread the word out, because if many people start self-control or self-discipline they might change their perspective of the world or their future. For example many people tend to ignore the fact that they try to get in many situations. But being able to be resistant is a good choice.